Amazon Dash?

Amazon Dash?

Amazon Dash is out in the UK

We have all done it, went out to the shops come back, unpacked only to discover you have forgot to buy washing up liquid. Amazon are hoping to end that problem with their latest product, Amazon Dash


So what is Amazon Dash?

It is basically a button which is linked to a single product (i.e. dishwasher tablet, or loo rolls). You press the button and Amazon places an order through your Amazon Prime account. The idea is you have several of these buttons around the house (loo roll button could be in the bathroom, dishwasher tabled could be by the dishwasher, etc) and you press the button when needed. The button will only work once, then locks until your order arrives, which is great at preventing multiple orders of any item.


The down side?

Amazon only have select products out. This is less than ideal if you want choice, but it is still  a nice convenience.


Will it take off?

Personally we here at Webtech are not too sure. It is a nice gimmick but there are several things going against it. First off, is it really much more convenient than ordering through your phone? Second, you still have to wait for delivery when you could quickly pop down to your local corner shop. Lack of brand choice is a problem as well. Finally, the buttons themselves cost money to buy. I know this is a smaller point, but I personally cant see me buying one in the near future.